New York City, the love of my life, the magical place which makes me feel whole; I came here again and again because any random walk down the street can be a whole new adventure.
New York does not settle for mediocrity. It is where the best version of everything exist. It is where every street is filled with wonder.

Having been to most “tourist-sy” the past two times in NY, I’m up for something spontaneous this visit. NY is so packed with adventure that a search in google would guarantee you a new event and things to do every day. Another perks of travelling in NYC is that it is super easy to get around – with its airport shuttle & subway.

After dropping off my stuffs at my friend’s place at the 71st street, I headed down the east village for a walk and found this amazing street art by Cope2 at E Houston & Bowery.


The second day, I went to the Midsummer Swedish Festival in Battery Park The event took place every June of year, where people gathered and danced around the pole! The FLOWER POLE guys!
Remember to bring your own flower crown!


No, you don’t have to look like Ariel to be a mermaid. In the free lands of America, anyone can dress like a mermaid and have fun! The third day I went to see the very fun (& naked) MERMAID parade in Cooney Island 



Cooney Island is the best with the famous Cyclone, the wonderful beach view & the Nathan’s hotdog. Just everywhere is so fun-filled.



Enjoying slices of pizza bigger than my head.

Day 4 I checked out the amazing street art in the Bushwick Collective and visit the Brooklyn flea market. Such a blessing to stroll around on a sunny Sunday.




Then it’s time for my FAVOURITE MEXICAN FOOD round the corner – Tortilleria Mexicana


IMG_3866v2 IMG_3871


Ended my day perfectly at the park down Williamsburg, a park 5-minutes down the flea market as I explore the neighbourhood. Holy smokes, that view of Manhattan!

And that’s only just the first halve of my adventure!
Stay tuned for more on the art, fashion & other spontaneous activities in NYC!



  • Patrick Zerubbabel

    Great pictures. You look beautiful.

    • Constanzz C

      thanks for your encouragement