Feeling good, is a matter of choice and determination. "Life comes from you, not at you", a mantra that my friend Fé Valvekens, gorgeous mother of 3, also the proud founder of  high-end yoga couture line "A DAY WITH FE", shared with me. It turned out that, contrary to what the popular culture would have us believe, us, women can in fact, feel stronger and more beautiful as we age. As a girl hitting 30 in just a little less than a year, the anxiety about "not being young anymore" and the struggle about self-achievement is real. And then there it is, Fé, flawless, confident and passionate about life. "You have to take good care of yourself, get some facts in your head straight, before you are able to love and take care of other people", Fé shared. S502_keyvisual "At this point of age,I feel stronger than ever. I'm more focused and determined than ever. I know what I want, what I don't like and how to plan my time for things that mattered to me. Activities like scrolling on FB and IG are bottomless and can thus be draining. I begin my day at 8am each day with Yoga. With yoga i I’m energized and the day feels longer. It changes my mindset about time. Really, it's not about finding time, but making choices."   Fé moved Hong Kong after 6 years in consulting in Paris and Geneva where she took a career break and discovered her passion for yoga and eventually she decided to deepen her study in it. Fé is not scared in pursuing what she likes. She is now a certified yoga instructor and has launched her own clothing line A day with Fé. DSCF3190_okv2 Fe’s style is nonchalant. With the subdue hues, Fe extended her French effortless chic aesthetics into her clothing line. My favorite item in her store had to be the Hyacinthe Yoga Top. Made with performance fabric, the top embraced any body shape. It is definitely something I'd like to wear even after yoga class. Every piece of clothing was imprinted with a inspirational mantra like “constant effort yield success”,  "Done is better than perfert", "The secret to having it all is knowing you already do" & my favourite one "life comes from you, not at you". So don't believe in what the media try to sell you. Don't believe in every comment people made about you. Observe and analyze from people that inspire you, and most importantly think about who you want to be. Follow your heart, and it will get you to where you want. Life doesn't stops when we hit 25, it gets better. Namaste. DSCF3201_okv2 Me with one of my favourite piece in store. DSCF3315_good Me in the Hyacinthe Yoga Top. pic04_DSCF3254_okv2 Yoga is Fé's secret to staying in shape and being energized all day long. Visit Fe's amazing store and more lovely mantras at http://adaywithfe.com/ PMQ Shop S502 Block A, 5/F 35 Aberdeen Street, Hong Kong (+852) 2546 9300