Ultimately in life, we have to deal with a lot of things and go on a lot of journeys alone; so if you are not already so, train yourself to be comfortable with solitude & make the most of it!!! There are 3 things I highly recommend trying on your own and you'll be surprised – on how much you can actually handle on you own – and – the fact how you are never really alone no matter where you are! 
1. Watch a move alone
2. Have a cocktail & dine nicely alone
3. And Ultimately – TRAVEL alone!

I am pretty surprised to discover that I actually never have a boring moment when I'm on my own – there are just so much to see & explore! And the bonus is – you'd enjoy a trip with – no strict scheduels – no drama – no judging – in short, I LOVE MY SOLO TRAVELLING experience! 

Now, finally, back on the details of the last part of my trip 

Day 5 & 6 Shopping or just walking in Mahattan – Midtown to East Village 
I stayed in a hip little apartment in 201 East 2nd Street, so I basically walk by Russ & Daughters (179 E Houston St), the famous place of Bagels every morning nom nom nom


Basically all the designer brands you need to see are readily acessible in each shopping hub. Like Helmut Lang, Rag & Bones, Carvan, Opening Ceremony.. to name a few, not going to go into details here, as I felt like we see the bigger brands everywhere in the major cities in the world (boringgg) & I'm not a huge brand-name shopper anyways! 

And THEN I discovered this amazing store called Patricia Field – costume designer, stylist and fashion designer, for Sex & the City, yes! Carrie Bradshaw, and she sells all kinds of quirky stuffs. Happiest of all, the price tags are friendly.

They have all kinds of crazy styles, it's basically another world in there! I'll write more about Patricia Field store that I went to in a separate post. 

The next morning, I went to Clinton St. Bakery (4 Clinton St, New York, NY 10002) is AMAZING for amazing omelets, sandwiches & egg benedicts. I recommend getting their in a weekday for breakfast, to avoid the line?


Another place I must recommend is Cafe Habana, for the best cuba & mexican food (?the grill corn? nom nom nom). There's not many good Mexican restaurants in Hong Kong AT ALL!! 

NYC is just so beautiful at night. All these aged neon things. Or is it just me?

Day 7 – Uptown in the renowned 5ve Ave & then up to take a stroll in Guggenhiem & then Central Park



At night at Cafe Lalo, one of the most famous cafe Lalo, the one where Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks met in "You've Got Mail"? hahaa old school

Day 8 Uptown again for hightea & shopping at Lady M, The Plaza 

Passed by St. Paul's Cathedral, underconstruction, but still looking amazing on the insides. That's why happened in a spontaneous trip, you just never know what to expect – & you just have to appreciate the surprise that showed up. 

NYC looks more polished & business like, uptown 


Second time here, I'm passing through the Grand Central Station, still enjoyed looking at this crazy ceiling every time.
I just don't understand how New York can be so pretty, a pefect balance of the old & the new.

Day 9 – 10  The Hamptons
In the Hamptons, I joined my friends, for a weekend & stay in their beach house.
The most amazing part is the stars watching part at night, so bright, so huge, it felt like the stars are right IN YOUR FACE

Love this sandy feeling under my feet 

IMG_4193 IMG_4197

All in all, I find it much easier to let go of the anxiety of meeting new people when travelling, just talk! (And if they are not friendly, just turn around and go, it's ok!)

So what are you waiting for now? Save up, plan your next trip & spread your wings!! 

(P.S. I met amazing illustrationist Bethany Robertson of instagram: @loveless_designs in Brooklyn by just walking over & talk to her hahaha)